A Long-Awaited Revenge is the seventh episode of the Hyakuren no Haō to Seiyaku no Varukyuria anime series. It premiered on August 19, 2018.


Yuuto recalls how he became patriarch: The previous patriarch, Felicia's father Farbauti, named him successor, causing his son and expected successor, Felicia's brother Loptr, to kill him out of spite and flee. Later, Yuuto is informed that the Hoof Clan has been conquered by the Panther Clan using the Wolf Clan's technology. Realizing Loptr is their patriarch, Yuuto attempts to make peace. However, they respond by attacking the Horn Clan, forcing the Wolf Clan to go to war with them. While the Panther Clan is able to surround them, Yuuto protects his forces with war wagons. To break through, Loptr has his Einherjar, Sigyn, turn his soldiers into Berserkers. He then confronts Yuuto, but Felicia holds him off long enough for Sigrun to arrive riding a camel. The camel's scent causes the Panther Clan's cavalry to flee, forcing them to retreat and ending the battle in the Wolf Clan's victory.


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