The Discord Procedures are protocols that all users must follow to have every privilege that normal users have. The procedures also list additional information about the discord server. This server is used chat about the series, The Master of Ragnarok & Blesser of Einherjar mainly.

Joining The Server

The following shows how to properly get into the server without issue:

  1. Join the server by following this link. However, if you don't have a discord account, please do make one.
  2. Read the #rules-and-info channel for rules and any other information.
  3. Verify yourself as it says in the #verification channel.


  • Put the proper topics in the right channel always. However, in the "common-einherjar" channel you can talk about anything except for anything NSFW!
  • Whenever you need help, don't understand something, or have a request in general. I ask you to do such in the #support channel.
  • Don't act like a fool on this server unless you want to be kicked a few times and eventually banned.
  • Check the #faq channel before asking a question, because it may be already answered. Unless it's a question regarding a spoiler from the series.
  • Flaming, discriminating, and cyberbullying are intolerable in this server! If you're caught you're gone from the server for good.
  • No role promotions are allowed without the permission of any moderator.
  • Bot commands from anyone other than Moderators that aren't in #bot-channel will absolutely not be permitted.
  • Use common sense to avoid getting kicked (Don’t spam, swear, etc..)
  • Obey admins and mods at any time, unless they are abusing their power.
  • Don’t advertise other servers without the permission of an administrator.
  • Don’t ping admins or moderators without a good reason that relates to the server or Isekai-Smartphone series.
  • Don’t play harmful music to the ears/mic spam in the voice channels.
  • This server also abides by all rules of Discord's terms of service. Which means there will be no representation of any NSFW content containing any minors (lolicon, shotacon) or anything close to it. If you're caught at least 3 times, you're banned. For more read the terms of service and guidelines.


There are also other roles in the server, but they're for an entirely different purpose than someone's stance within the wiki.